if you are like me, you've had people not understand the way you think and the choices you make... you are not alone!

I am an abundantly blessed woman, wife and mother to 7 amazing children (aged 4 years old to 20 years old!)

* we have had more children than most people think is sane...

* we homeschool...

* we choose to NOT vaccinate... (& believe you should do your research... and make an informed choice)

* we use (& love) essential oils daily (and as natural medicine)...

* and we are followers of Christ and live to serve in LOVE <3

we don't fit in anyone's box... and i have come to really appreciate that! it used to be a struggle for me... always wanting others approval... but truly not being content and always questioning if the approval was still there?? or had i done something to lose it? i know, it sounds kind of crazy... but i've also become accustomed to being called 'crazy' 'hippy' 'crazy hippy' LOL so i guess that isn't surprising :-)

anyway, i love all things healthy & natural... i love to spend time with my family... our house has a constant flow of people ~ mostly teenagers... we love to travel... 'real' camping happens every summer, multiple times at the best river in California ~ possibly the country!... there are large, high rocks that i enjoy watching my family jump off into large pools of deep clear water... i live on the beautiful coast of Northern California in Humboldt County where the Redwoods meet the ocean... i can hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean at night and my windows are open ~ no matter how cold it is!

i could keep adding to this list of things about me, but i'm a busy girl and there are people (big & small) & responsibilities calling me away from my computer :-) if you have a question, just ask!